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only the vice-ministerial level officials sacked over there 9 people

According to statistics, after eighteen Congress so far, only the vice-ministerial level officials sacked over there 9 people. Involves not only traditional party and government cadres, but also involves a number of important large-scale state-owned executive position, the central anti-corruption efforts and determination is evident.Nowadays, with the anti-corruption work gradually deepening corruption interest groups are increasingly forming alliances. « Shot the first shot horses, we must remember that. » For the « big tiger », civil anti-corruption force generally difficult to reach, to hit corruption bodies, give full play to the deterrent effect, it is necessary to play institutional strengths, focusing on top-level design, take the initiative. To continue to ferret out potential « big tiger » and the courage to end a nest of corruption, and constantly improve the system for punishing and preventing corruption, but also party members and cadres a Delicate gas is.Why do we repentSome people have started their new balance 996 women own sin and evil

repentance, recently more and more.Perhaps we should be thinking more, what makes the ordinary they became perpetrators.Text / Liudan Qing(Kanyong « China News Weekly » Divisions manuscript written authorization)A winter solstice, Wang Ji Yu burning paper to his father, and in previous years, when he fired a bunch of multi-point, to another person, Zhang (not his real name).Also in new balance 373 women previous years, his father’s paper burning up, Zhang’s point has been vain, « Do you forgive me, I owe you! I do not recognize, you do not tell me life difficult! » He anxious, stomping shout , the fire suddenly jump up.It was in 2009, Wang Ji Yu first public confession. Homicide extraordinary, called Zhang, killed when resorting to violence during the Cultural Revolution, when he was 16 years old, Zhang 21 years old. « From good as Gordon, such as the collapse from evil. »Zhang’s death, Wang Ji Yu more than a habit: bun.Pound meal, three meals a day, from 5 August 1967 to September 18, eat a whole month and a half. Hair buns pound 8, when more than one day to 10 pounds.

Another change is that hair loss, a handful. He dreamed himself lying on a wooden board, wood is very narrow, very deep below. One woman told him: « You’re here to lie a thousand years. »16-year-old boy, heard this restless.Before that Wang Ji Yu nothing and do not accept their fate, a bad guy, not afraid of anything. Grew up in Beijing forces grew, his father was military officials, he fights fighting ruthless, sly, always with a group of around Xiaohun child.That time resorting to violence changed him.That day, a few Red Guards new balance 420 womens moving a boy down to the ground, kicked him in the head about what they wear boots, played Wang Ji Yu burst of anxiety, « Do not kick! Tisi up! » He hugged the boy’s head up.A Red Guard one picked him: « He is a class enemy! Standing enemy while you how  » « The enemy » word came out, Wang Ji Yu silence, « I how guarding the enemy « He felt a rush of shame. In 1967, the Cultural Revolution was surging, « class enemies » what it means is clear to everyone. After 5 seconds of the first leg extensor Wang Ji Yu, he also wore boots, kick

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