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oil group in Dalian this accident investigation report made

 oil group in Dalian this accident investigation report made by approved and determined that four accidents are accidents. However, Jiang Jiemin individuals are only warning. »PRC Civil Law » is divided into six categories on the action, light to heavy, followed by warnings, demerits, demerits, demotion, dismissal, expulsion. Jiang Jiemin, etc. for the management and disposal of oil workers, referring to the law.The sources said Jiang Jiemin after « very arrogant, carried away, » so that at a dinner, the reach for the glass, « said Chiang days without death », so those present dumbfounds.The paradox is that, in almost the same time the State Council approved the survey, 22 November 2011, PetroChina Dalian Xingang oil terminal storage tank area, crude oil tank fire incident took place.June 2, 2013, Jiang Jiemin farewell in less than three months in the oil, PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company tank explosion took place, four people were killed.Because of « limited knowledge » was ridiculed by new balance 1500 sale colleaguesBiographical

 information on public display, Jiang Jiemin, Binzhou Yangxin people born in 1955. In 1972, less than 18-year-old Jiang Jiemin, near our home in the oil into the Shengli Oilfield, served as technician, job captain, vice captain, captain, Shengli Oilfield factory party secretary, party secretary, deputy director of Shengli Petroleum Administration other staff.February 1994, Jiang Jiemin went to Qinghai, either PetroChina Qinghai Petroleum Administration party secretary.In 1999, CNPC started listing, Jiang Jiemin was transferred to new balance 574 women uk  Beijing, he served as assistant general manager in the oil and the Restructuring and Listing Preparatory Team Leader. Subsequently a listed company China National Petroleum Corporation (601857.SH/00857.HK/NYSE: PTR, hereinafter referred to as PetroChina) a director, vice president and other positions.June 2000, Jiang Jiemin back to Qinghai, Qinghai Province, party and government organs and worked successively as deputy governor, Provincial Committee and vice governor, deputy secretary and deputy governor.

April 2004, Jiang Jiemin again transferred back to Beijing, he was vice president of oil and deputy party secretary and concurrently vice chairman of PetroChina and president.November 2006, he was promoted to CNPC general manager Jiang Jiemin, party secretary, officially became this giant central enterprises « number one », and later served as chairman of PetroChina.In 2011, the Group established the Board of PetroChina, CNPC Chairman Jiang Jiemin was named, party secretary, until March 2013, before the end of his nearly four decades in the oil system work.For Jiang Jiemin personal evaluation, there is known as the « ability to highlight, bold vision and courage, tough nike air presto uk style, » but it was also evaluating its « Simple, arrogant and even rude. »Insiders also said to the reporter, Jiang Jiemin, « vulgar, » « limited knowledge » or even been in the petroleum, petrochemical executives face the same level of ridicule.In Jiang Jiemin curriculum vitae, he still Shandong University, bachelor’s degree, the Central Party School Correspondence School of provincial or ministerial

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