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level postgraduate courses in political science graduate

 level postgraduate courses in political science graduate, the Central Party School graduate degree, senior economist and other titles.The insider told this reporter that the so-called Chiang at the Shandong University undergraduate degree, there is « considerable water » is actually Jiang in September 1980 to August 1982 was studied Shandong, « but do not know His academic degree is how take  « Constantly uncover latent « big tiger » and the courage to end a nest of corruption, and constantly improve the system for punishing and preventing corruption, but also party members and cadres a Delicate gas is.In recent years, all kinds of corruption cases, there are two types of the most striking one is how high someone’s officials, the parties wield; Another is someone’s officials implicated in clusters of corruption into the nest. A few days ago have burst collective four executives in the oil and the oil sacked former chairman Jiang Jiemin, director of SASAC alleged serious violation case, his position high, arising from either the wide number of people, you can be described as a combination of both, shocking .Throughout the four executives in the nike blazers vintage cheap oil and Jiang Jiemin Wang Yongchun, Li Hualin, Ran

Xinquan, Wang Daofu resume, you can find that they have a solid grass-roots work experience, well educated, some even still professor-level officials. They also have a skilled team integration ability, dormant abilities and courage, career in state-owned enterprises have to make contributions for the country to make a certain contribution. However, they failed to maintain their initial fiery sincerity, lost people wholeheartedly the public mind. They are appointed by the State, Cheng Renmin the trust, but corruption, bribery, nike blazer low buy  favoritism, embarked on a road of no return betray the people, it is a pity.Will this « anti-corruption storm oil » and other corruption cases compared can also be found in the recent anti-corruption struggle, brought out the mud, a dig on clusters of corruption Woan more and more. In recent years, Henan Grain Woan identified, involved up to 110 people; Guangzhou Baiyun District corruption Woan, 81 leading cadres have been investigated, so that the open area of ??government executive meeting « meeting numbers are not enough. »

 And the oil of the « earthquake », is unprecedented « tiger » Woan, including the new balance 999 uk previously sacked Sichuan Literary Federation President Guo Yongxiang in the column, the so-called « victory line » Total Jiang Jiemin, Li Hualin, Guo Yongxiang, Tao Yuchun four senior officials sacked. These corrupt elements really right « victory » word several generations of oil workers greatly tarnished glory and dream.Since the eighteenth largest since the new central collective leadership to enhance the anti-corruption work to a new understanding of height, Xi Jinping, secretary repeatedly stressed the need to « Tiger », « flies » to play with, we should « power locked up in a cage system. » . Recent Politburo adopted the « establishment of a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption work plan 2013-2017″ and proposed to severely punish party members and cadres of discipline violation cases, give full play to the deterrent effect, at the same time resolutely punishing corruption to be more scientific and effective way to prevent corruption.

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