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From good as Gordon such as the collapse from evil

Tixia Qu, while never had the pleasure. »From good as Gordon, such as the collapse from evil, » 47 years later, Wang Ji Yu, « China News Weekly » said that five seconds completely changed him.August 5, 1967 at noon, a friend found Wang Ji Yu, « Li Hongxing by four three factions stabbed three knives, excessive bleeding, fainted! » Li Hongxing is one of us, « four three factions » is a deadly foe. »Fight with them! » Wang Ji Yu carry her a stick to go out, go out there with two dozen Red Guards, they are fifteen or sixteen, stick, stick, staff a big ho.Day low, everything seems cloudy, melee a « four three factions, » the boy picked up a brick, at the very start to beat Wang Ji Yu, Wang Ji Yu left one block, brick falls, impartial middle left hand joints, sharp pain down his angry,  » I kill you! « He jumped from the body, vacated jump a meter high, raised stick his head a whirl. « Hula » a gust of wind sound, everyone Zhengzhu.Not sensitive boy, he was wearing blue work clothes, « riding », « step », « step » to run. Stick to hit the back of the head, the boy like a sack-like flesh fly out, playing on and roll down the slope, another stick, hit in the forehead, « you stand it! » Cried Wang Ji Yu A pleasure new balance 576 uk make him laugh aloud.

Blood out, stick red, a boy a gilded gas out without, Xuemo sub flow out from the neck.Wang Ji Yu dizzy, kill him.A half months after Wang Ji Yu jail. Several corn bread bowl of soup, do not see an oil-star child, but he is not a hair loss. Instead, he fled more than a month restless, has been hiding, and has been so afraid of retribution, and fear no retribution.Imprisonment of 10 months, he can not new balance 1500 uk figure out one thing: Everything is going according to the chairman said, the President said he was revolutionary revolution, the President said he was resorting to violence protest, everything is right, yet the man deceives dead.After thinking it over, one thing is certain: President is wrong, it must be the following people made a mistake, did not understand the meaning of the President.He is not the first time told myself. April 1966, he saw the Red Guards at Qinghua Wang Guangmei bucket, her neck hung a string of table tennis, wearing a cheongsam, his face painted red two groups, wiping his mouth with red ink, « very sick, » he does not

 bear to imagine what will happen, « I will commit suicide if I were her. »He grabbed a few small beside myself beating, « You mean the President distorted. »The second time was in November 1966. « Your dad finished, labeled as a capitalist roader! » The way it was told him, came home, he did not see his father, except that he went to feed the pigs, the mother went to work cadre school children. « This campaign has the bad guys, » he thought, « I shall not so dry. »"The great teacher, great helmsman, our hearts most red new balance 574 sale red red sun! » On the way home, filled with all this shouting, « I did not cry exports, feel a bit nauseating. »Two years later he no barriers, with everyone shouting out loud: « Chairman Mao is our hearts most red red red sun! »Is a compound with the children, Song Xiaoming also worshiped Mao Zedong: « ‘resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory,’ look at this sense of language, the rhythm, the progressive relationship, which is knowledge! »Quotations from Chairman Mao in many passages, Song Xiaoming recite every word down.Song Xiaoming then 16 years old, not in school, not in class, freedom and boring day, only playing talent to give him pleasure. Sometimes a truck over, one way or

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