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Bo became party secretary of Chongqing

« low-permeability oil wells, well production is very low » new balance 373 sale situation, and actively mined oil « deeds. »Insiders also told us that it resembles Jiang Jiemin intersect with Bo and Bo’s tenure in the land through the construction of oil refinery project, etc., to help thin « to enhance performance. »"Thin when the governor of Liaoning Province, Jiang Jiemin on the promotion of the oil in the expansion or construction of Liaoning original oil refinery project; thinner then went to Chongqing, Jiang followed suit. »Oil in Liaoning has two million-ton oil refinery, namely Dalian Petrochemical and Fushun Petrochemical. November 2007, Bo became party secretary of Chongqing. Soon means in the oil field in Changshou District, Chongqing investment of nearly 15 billion yuan to build an ability to produce 6.5 million tons of refined oil refinery capacity. In 2009, the oil refinery project has announced that the production capacity to 10 million tons level.Insiders told this reporter analysis, northern China has long been a serious surplus of refining

capacity, and the North than the South’s economic backwardness, much needed oil shipped from the South, transportation cost is huge. And even if the oil refinery project in Chongqing, the crude oil shipped from Burma also needed. By contrast, more options Sinopec to build oil refinery in the southern coastal undoubtedly more economical.Frequent accidentsThere are contacts new balance 420 cheap with persons known Jiang Jiemin told this reporter, Jiang has sought to local government office heads, « he obsessed with career, in Qinghai Province, deputy secretary, deputy governor of the years, leaving the local government when he thinks officer, than to remain in the oil more promising, but also more ‘sense of power’. « However, under the rule of Jiang Jiemin of CNPC accidents, for his promotion caused no small obstacle. Since 2010, the oil-owned enterprises in Dalian only took place at least six accidents.July 16, 2010, located in Dalian, Liaoning Province, Dalian Free Trade

 Zone International Logistics Co., crude oil pipeline explosion library, new balance 576 sale causing fires and caused a lot of oil spills, resulting in some crude oil, pipes and equipment burning, and another part leaking oil into the sea near pollution. Workers an accident caused minor injuries, one missing; during the fire, the fire fighters a human sacrifice, one of them seriously; and caused direct property losses of 2.23 billion yuan. The case has recently by the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court of first instance verdict. Dai Xiaobing and other 14 accused guilty of Major Accident were sentenced to five years or exempted from criminal punishment.October 24, 2010, PetroChina International Logistics Co Ltd, Dalian fire accident. July 16, 2011, the Dalian Petrochemical Company fire accident; August 29 the same year, another explosion fire.The sources said that after the accident, as the oil « in charge » of this four Jiang Jiemin the trust and shirk responsibility, and even local government officials denounced abusive.November 2011, the State Council on the

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